What are practices like?

Practices are held 2-3 days a week for 3 hours a day. All athletes are required to be at every practice. Practices are a priority and important to attend in order to be a successful team.

Where are practices located?

All practices are hosted at a nearby gym called Cheer Destiny Allstars.

How long is the season?

We have an 6-month season that begins the first week of November and ends in April at Daytona Beach Florida for NCA College Nationals. We also have a 12-day winter break in December/January

Is gymnastics a requirement to be on the team?

No, it is not a requirement however it does add to your overall score during the judging portion of tryouts.

How many people make the team?

We need a minimum of 12 students to compete at NCA College Nationals and can take up to 20 on the team.

Who judges the tryouts?

All decisions regarding the 2021-22 DePaul Competitive Cheer team will be determined by the coaches and selected judges. All decisions are final.

Can I submit a Video Tryout?

Yes! We will be accepting video tryouts. Please EMAIL US today for a list of skill elements and for the video deadline.

What are the financial commitments?

Each team member will be responsible to cover traveling expenses, practice attire, choreography, competition fees and music. We will offer fundraising opportunities to assist you in covering these expenses. Estimated $1500

Additional questions?

We encourage all students to EMAIL US directly with additional questions!